TechEd 2012: 36 Terabytes: How Microsoft IT Manages SharePoint in the Enterprise

Hi all-

Thanks for everyone that attended our session at Tech Ed North America. I really appreciate all your support and comments about our session. Since Jim and I work in IT at Microsoft it is always hard to secure budget to go to these conferences and to take time out of our busy schedules. From our side - It is something that we look forward to each year, want to continue, and are both really passionate about helping customers. We believe it is well worth it for all the customer engagements that we participated in each year and sharing our story of "How we manage SharePoint at Microsoft". 

In order to continue having talks from Microsoft IT, we need your feedback to TechEd demonstrating that your experiences with Microsoft IT Speakers are very helpful for your organization. That way we can bubble this up to our management structure to help get sponsorship for the events.

Again, thanks for all the great comments. I will be posting my demos and code from the talk - planning in next two weeks. So stay tuned. Also if there are any other topics you are interested in Microsoft IT talking about regarding SharePoint please let me know and possibly we could write a new talk or add it to our current talk. 

Here is a link to our presentation online - You can stream the video or download the presentation: