Aviary’s Photo Editor SDK for Windows 8 is using C++ AMP

Aviary is a photo editing SDK Company that "provides developers with a robust, customizable photo editor that can be plugged into applications on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, HTML5 and Windows 8 in minutes". We are delighted that Aviary is using C++ AMP inside their Photo Editor SDK for Windows 8. Needless to say, we are excited that through this SDK, the benefits of C++ AMP will be available to millions of Windows 8 customers.

Aviary's simple yet powerful photo editing capabilities is used by more than 35 million monthly Aviary users across 3500+ partners. Apart from releasing the SDK, they also released a Windows store app, Aviary Photo Editor and half-dozen of their partners have released apps (Rowi, Memorylage, MyFrames, Photo Annotater, Selektiv, Volet by Volevi).

The use of C++ AMP is mentioned in both Aviary and AMD's blog posts. To quote

Aviary Blog mentions "….We've achieved significant performance improvements by implementing filters and effects through the new heterogeneous compute language C++ AMP. Computations are performed on the highly parallel graphics processing unit (GPU) cores inside the AMD APU instead of the more serial central processing unit (CPU) cores. Applying CAMP allows for processing of our complete range of filters and effects instantaneously – on average 16x faster than comparable processors, according to benchmark studies conducted by AMD"

AMD's blog mentions "…Since the target was to design a Windows Store app, we used C++ AMP to process the filters and effects on the graphics engine where it can be done much faster than processing on the traditional CPU cores. The end result is a super-fast experience that will delight consumers. "

This is the second post in the series of posts detailing the use of C++ AMP by our customers. As always, we would love to hear how C++ AMP is being used by our customers.