Using C++ AMP in financial service industry – A Case Study

 We would like to give a shout out to a C++ AMP case study we released couple of months ago. The case study talks about how CMA, a company that develops pricing solutions and financial data services, used C++ AMP to deliver a faster pricing mechanism without sacrificing accuracy. CMA has been an excellent example where C++ AMP was able to provide a significant advantage to our customers. To quote Moody Hadi, Research Director in CMA “By using C++ AMP, we can generate fast, accurate pricing with less strain on our resources, which is a key differentiator in our segment and helps us provide greater value to our clients”.

Please read CMA’s fascinating story at Microsoft Case Studies Site. The case study is titled Financial Data Leader Shortens Time-to-Market, Increases Speed with Right Tools. We will continue to blog about how our customers are using C++ AMP. So stay tuned!

Update: In response to comments, CMA folks have written an addendum to this case study, which is published in Addendum to CMA's case study blog post.