What features do you want in C++ AMP V3?

A little over year ago, we released the first version of C++ AMP technology as a part of Visual Studio 2012. In Visual Studio 2013, we are on track to deliver the next version of C++ AMP. Hopefully, by now, you had a chance to learn about what is new for C++ AMP in Visual Studio 2013. We are delighted to see how C++ AMP has been received by the community. C++ AMP is being used in demos such as BUILD 2013 keynote demo, and by various customers including Aviary and Kinect Fusion. Additionally, it's encouraging to see our partners like Intel doing proof of concept implementation of C++ AMP's Open specification.

With the second release getting ready for release, the team is actively planning new features and improvements for the next version of C++ AMP. We want to reach out to the community for suggestions and feature requests. Your suggestions and requests play an integral role in our planning activities. If you have any feature request or suggestion, we would love to hear about it. So please do let us know about your suggestions either in this blog or at MSDN forum.