Shouldn’t we use the Office 2007 contextual speller when writing a news release?

It’s interesting to see how useful the new Contextual Speller feature in Office 2007 can be. If Office 2007 had been used to write the news release about the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 issued yesterday by Microsoft over the PR Newswire, the following correction, which you can read here, would not have been necessary:

In the news release, Microsoft MSFT Readies IT Customers for Windows Vista, the 2007 Office System, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, issued earlier today by Microsoft Corp. over PR Newswire, we are advised by a representative of the company that in the first and second paragraphs, and in the first paragraph of the "Promise to Customers: Amplify the Impact of Your People" section, "Microsoft Exchange Sever 2007" should read "Microsoft Exchange Server 2007" rather than "Sever" as originally issued inadvertently.

As you can see below, our contextual speller (see here for more information about this cool new feature), flags “Sever” and the nice blue squiggle indicates there is something wrong with this word in this context (when you right-click on "Sever", you see that the system suggests "Server").


CSS contextual speller mistake - Exchange Sever vs Server

I’m convinced we’ll see fewer such mistakes once Office 2007 is deployed. As a reminder, contextual spelling is not turned on by default for machines with less than 1GB RAM.

-- Thierry Fontenelle (Program Manager)