Link and display two SharePoint calendar from SharePoint Designer

Click here to Link and display two calendars in SharePoint Designer and after this here are the steps to format the list data.

Firstly, we were getting the xml in the “Modified By”. Here is the screen shot which shows  the same :-


We have click on the icon on right hand site as presented in the following image :-


We will get the “Date Field” selected “Modified By” in the first combo. In the second combo, “Format as” “Text”


Change the “Format as :” to “Rich Text”


Secondly, results are not coming according to current date and time.


Go to the filter and click on the link


We can see a grid where a grayed out line there with the text “Using the advanced expression”. It means I have set the formula to get the results using the “Advanced” tab at the bottom.


On the left panel, you can select the column and you have the functions mentioned in the “Select a function category” .You can change the function according to your requirement.