.NET Compact Framework Application and Libraries List Updated

I've updated the .NET Compact Framework catalog with the some new applications and libraries, and some minor edits to existing entries. 


Click on this link to see our application catalog.


The catalog contains applications that I find out about through web searches and emails from developers.  We're always looking for applications and libraries to add to our catalog.  Applications and libraries we discover are used for

  • posting updates to our team blog (you are here!) to show what types of applications are being built with .NET Compact Framework. This page gets thousands of visits monthly, so having your app listed here can be an effective supplemental means of publicizing your application and company.
  • candidates for basic compatibility testing with new versions of the .NET Compact Framework under development. This helps us do our best to ensure that existing applications – like yours – continue to work well with new versions of the .NET Compact Framework. 


If your application isn't on the list - I'd love to add it.  Send an email to cfapp@microsoft.com (include name of application, which platforms it targets, required version of NETCF and URL).  If you need product support, please use the MSDN Feedback Center as this will ensure your issue gets into our databases where we can respond to it and track it.


Michael Lipp

Senior SDET

.Net Compact Framework


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