Updated list of .NetCF applications and libraries

This is an update to the list of applications and libraries built for the .Net Compact Framework started by Mike Zintel in his blog in December 2004. Since December, our team has been growing our list of applications built on the .Net Compact Framework. We're making good progress and are always looking for new applications and places to find them. Finding applications is somewhat of a paradox in that there are more applications available every day, but fewer list .Net Compact Framework in their list of requirements. Instead the applications list the version of Windows Mobile where the framework comes built into the device's ROM. This is great for Windows Mobile users, but makes it hard to make a positive ID on .Net Compact Framework applications.

As with the last list, there are some very cool things in this list too. Check out GPSdash2 and ChemRef applications.

If you have time, we're asking for ISVs to download the latest V2 Beta version of the .NET Compact Framework runtime, test your applications against it, and provide us feedback.

  1. Install .NET Compact Framework V2 Beta runtime on your device
    Note that you do not need the Visual Studio 2005 Beta to test your code against the device runtime. But if you’d like to get more info about Visual Studio 2005, you can get it here:
  2. Create a configuration file to run against V2 in side by side environments (i.e., where you have v1 & v2 on same device)
  3. Give us feedback and report compatibility issues via Product Feedback Center

If your application isn't our the list, we'd love to hear about it -- send us some email at cfapp@microsoft.com.

Now, onto the list (pocket pc, smartphone, libraries):

Pocket PC Applications

Developer ApplicationName
ABSoftware PDA Pilot
Acquasys Examiner
AeroPlanner.com Aviation Calculator
Alex Shabarshov DOFCalcCS
Alexis Laf Pocket Humanity
Amorphous Media Design PPC Tablet 2.0 Remote Control Suite 2.0.3
Andrew Davey iPodderSP
ArkFusion Church Membership Management
Aspecto Software Dynamo
Attention to Detail Pocket FtCalc
Baker and Baker Software Musical Keyboard Tutor
  Pocket Christmas Carol Player
BakkerGames 3Peaks
  Bruce's Solitaire
Baris Gomleksizoglu iCalc
Big Computers, Inc. GPS Golf Pro
BigOven BigOven
BinaryFish All Mobile Casino
  BF Mines
  Mobile Crossword
biomobility Data on the Run
Bitstorm Nautical Calculator
  Trip Mate
Black Cubes Mobile Ware Money Expert
  Spanish Castles
Bond Technologies Clinician EHR 2004
Bong's Work Shop RebootMe
Bret Scarlavia Outbreak
Bunnyhug Bunny Doku
Cactus Factory Four Shields
  Pocket QuickPaster
Carolina Software WasteWORKS
Certeza BV SweetDiary
ChurchAssist Technologies Worship Assistant for Pocket PC
CJCraft.com Pocket BMI Calculator
  Pocket Body Fat Calculator
  Warlords TicTacToe
C-Labs Pocket-Jongg V4.0.net
CliniRx ClinRx Hartford Nomogram
  ClinRx Pocket PC
DalkeSoft Calendar Appointment Location
  Military Alphabet OutLoud
Dana Peters ODB Gauge
Danso Interactive Solutions BFCalculator (tape)
Darryl Burling Topical Bible for Pocket PC
deviceplanet DBMonger
  Moveo Books
  Moveo Coins
  Moveo Movies
  Moveo Music
  Moveo Software
  Moveo Stamps
Dexterra Pocket Outlook
Digital Illusions Square Master
DinLow Animal & Insects Trivia Flash Cards
  My ICD Codes
  My Online Fax
  My Online Translator
  Pocket Flash Cards
  Pocket Stock Watch
dmdsoftware SecureFile
ebSwift WordNetCE for Windows Mobile 2003
ELEproducts.com TIP
Feldsien CarFacts
Fieldtown Software ProTracker Tennis
First Class Consultant Scorpion Solitaire
First Works HandGPS
Formative Software Basic Advantage Calculator
  Construction Advantage Calculator
  Scientific Advantage Calculator
  Ultimate Advantage Calculator
GUI Innovations eVB to DotNet Forms
Gumbosoft Crazy Concentration
  Crazy Counter
  Crazy Dice
  Pocket Concentration
  Pocket Simon
  Quick Tip
  Whack a Bug
GXSoftware Diet Partner
Handy Labs Poom.Net
Highland Supplies Ltd Smart Stocktake
  Smart Timesheet for Pocket PC
Hilton Software WingX
iCalc.org iCalc Expression
ihook DB
InfoGraph Ltd. anosis dateCalc
  anosys tinyCalc 1.5.0
InfoGraphy anosis tinyMenu
Inner-Wise Convert & Calculate
  Function Graph
  Inner Chess Puzzles
INSIDEMind IM Arabian Blocks
  IM Cocktails
  IM Concentration
  IM Hangman
  IM Hangman (SP)
  IM Hexapawn
  IM Jumbled Words
  IM Mastermind
  IM Mind Map
  IM Time Off Tracker
  IM Time Tracker
  IM Toss
  IM Tracking Expenses
InTheHand Identity
iter.dk Pocket PC GPS Library
Jitterbits LLC Jitterbits English - Chinese Dictionary
JLMobile Systems XSales Rep
Johan Brodin 4inRow
  dotBug PPE
  Pocket Pyramid
  Rubix Matrix
John Tabor FlyteBalance
Johnson Controls Inc MetaSys
Kaisoft/Pocketkai (Kai Bruchmann) ABC Editor.Net
  Auto Correct.Net
  Auto Turn Off.net
  Battery Notify
  Beast Master.Net
  Canine Whistle.Net
  Day Counter.Net
  Holiday Viewer.Net
  Mail+SMS Backup.Net
  Month Viewer.Net Professional
  MP3 Alarm.Net Professional
  Outlook Cleaner.Net
  Sun Timer.Net
  Text Viewer+Editor.Net
  Today Birthday Notify.Net
  Today Moonphases.Net
  Today Notes.Net
  Turn Off.Net (XP look & feel)
  Virtual Ruler.Net
Kasuei HKTraffic
  Hong Kong Traffic Monitor
  Version Checker
  WiFi Graph
Kidney Learning System CKD Clinical Action Plan
Kingherc Pocket Control
  Pocket Image Editor
  Pocket Snapit
Lance Johnstone Bling Bling Manager
LastKnight.com Pocket Tarot .NET
  Pocket Tarot.NET
Leica PlusDraw
Lewey Geselowitz Pocket AniEd
Lyma Design Planet Earth Guide
  Pocket Drug Detective
  Pocket Horoscope Guide
  Pocket Medical Book
  Pocket Space
Madison Creations BirthCalculator
Malcolm Hall WiFiFoFum
MallocWare MoMet--Metronome for PocketPC
MAQ Software TrafficEdge
MarinePlanner Pocket PC Nautical Calculator
Mats Bovin TeamStats for Devices
Matt Cawley Ready Shopper
Mayasoft MyAccounts
Merlin's Tools MTTimeTracker
  MTTimeTracker (SP)
Michael Brandt Solunar Table Calculator
Modern Renaissance Group InitializeComponent Optimizer
mozzak.com MHCF Clicklabel
  MHCF Tray Icon
  Peg Game
MSFT Government group MoboCop
Multcom Systems Smart Panel
N.V.T. TAXCalculator
NeoTekSystems NeoInformationCenter
  NeoUltraCalc 1.7.3
Neural Rain CurrencyX
Nialls Systems ChineseGenderPredictor
  Pregnancy Wizard
Nickellie PocketRx
NOX Software GlobalWeather
Patrick Barret MyPocketCalc
PDA Applications Limited Clay Pigeon Shoot
  TreeID (Northern Europe)
PDAMonkey DVD Listing
Piotr Dobrowolski The Tower of Babel
Pitsch Pohler Professional KEG TomTom Navigator SDK 3.0 Wrapper
playseven.com Morseplayer
  SmartBIO PPC
PocketMediaLive MeasureUp
Potala Software People
  Potala Telly
PowerEdge Software Solutions Shifting Images
Ppc Solutions ExtendedPhone
Prosurv Pocket Quads
PS Software PSMailerCE
Publish or Perish Software Press DOYDIFF Date Calculator for PPC 2003
  Kitchen Timer
  Meter Minder for Pocket PC 2003
  Software Kitchen Timer for Pocket PC 2003
QPuncture QPalm Acupuncture
  QPalm Herbs
Quinn-Curtis QCChart2D CF Charting Tools
RBCalc RB Payoff Calculator
Real-Properties.com JC's Financial Calculator
Rebex FTP
Resco FieldForms
  SmartGrid .NET Standard Edition
rescom Rescom Forms Small Business
Rick Meyers Pocket e-Sword
Robbe Morris Distributed Weight Slider Control
SEA Technology GolfCard Pro
Second Kiss Wireless ShuttleGirl Handheld for Windows Mobile
SecondKiss Wireless Shuttle Girl
Sharko Champions League 2004-2005
Siarhei Yaromich Girl's Best Friend
  Smart Tools
Silkesoft Silk Othello
  Silke 4
  Silke Atoms
  Silke Bridge
  Silke Calc
  Silke Halma
  Silke Lines
  Silke Mind
  Silke Nono
  Silke Plot
  Silke SameGame
  Slike Chess
SilverGlance Software BlowPipe
Simeda Pocketster
skidvis SPasM
Slipstream Solutions mAutoArchive
Software 4 CE DataBuster .NET
Software On Sailboats Pocket Sales Manager
SoftwareMaker.NET SWM File Crypto
  SWM IP Calculator
spectra spectra interface
Speedzip SpeedSip.NET
Spicesoft Studio Extreme Flight
Spud Head DnD Roller
Survivorsoft @Sat
  @Sat v2
Sylvan Ascent PocketTerra Component
Synodia.org Holy Rosary
SYS Tecnologias Integradas Ltda Dice Roller
  Mind Illusion
TA Cybernetic Solutions Bill Log 2
Tassle MTG Toolz
Taylor Data Systems Inc. TDS RAS
Immunization Education Shots2005
The PDA Initiative ChemRef Advanced
Thome Data Solutions MySports Soccer
Tigsys Software Pocket Time Card
TildeTech Bobbage
  Word Games Suite
Tinker-Soft Pocket Math
  Pocket Math (SP)
  Trace 'n Write
Tj Mobile PocketJigsawPuzzle
topicalbiblestudy.com Topical Bible for Pocket PC
Torrential Designs ButtOut
  Torrential Designs DateCalc 1
Tracker Software Bowling Bag 2003
Trilium FTP
TriMet Handheld Schedule Viewer
Tuttle Enterprises Driving Log
Tweeks2k2 BattBench
University of Maryland Piccolo
USPExpress Math Parser
Valentin Iliescu Chess
  Mobile Home Cam
  Rubik Cube
Vinny Graphics Vinny Federal Withholding Payroll Tax Calculator 2005
  Vinny Graph
Virtual Views Deviled Egg Bowl
  Earth Voyeur.NET
  WorldCam Viewer
Vitaliy Pronkin Pocket C# Combo
WheebieSoft GlobalPhone-Book Lookup
WildSoft Triangulator
WiMobi GPSdash2
Windsor Interfaces DateLens
Word Magic Pocket PC Dictionary
XRAM Software Loan Companion
Zerama Remote
  Zerama ToGo


Smartphone Applications

Developer ApplicationName
BinaryFish All Mobile Casino (SP)
  Mobile Crossword
DinLow My Online Fax (SP)
  My Online Translator (SP)
ebSwift WordNetCE (SP)
JLMobile Systems XSales Visor (SP)
Kaisoft/Pocketkai (Kai Bruchmann) Auto Turn Off.net (SP)
  Birthdays (SP)
  Day Counter.Net (SP)
  Holiday Viewer.Net (SP)
  Jahrestage (SP)
  Mondphasen (SP)
  Month Viewer (SP)
  MP3 Alarm.NET (SP)
  Outlook Cleaner.Net (SP)
  ShortTimer (SP)
  Sun Timer.Net (SP)
  Text Viewer+Editor.Net (SP)
  Turn Off.NET (SP)
  Virtual Ruler.Net (SP)
Publish or Perish Software Press Meter Minder (SP)
rundo RunDo
Siber Systems roboform
Survivorsoft @Sat (SP)
  @Sat v2 (sp)
  Agony (SP)
Sylvan Ascent Inc. TopoPhone
ultimasoftware Smart Commander


.Net Compact Framework Developer Libraries

Developer ApplicationName
/n Software IP*Works! .NET Compact Framework Edition
3d Software Development pocketGraph
9rays.net Instrumentation Widgets for Mobile Devices
ABSoftware WebBrowser Control
Bistia Camera Wrapper for NET CF
Charon Software Charon.Communications
CJCraft.com LED Display Control
Component One ComponentOne Chart for Mobile Devices
  ComponentOne Flexgrid for Mobile Devices
  ComponentOne Zip for Mobile Devices
Database Developments DLL Connect
Devlent GAPIDraw
Dick Grier GPS Decode
Field Software PocketHTMLprint_NetCF SDK
  PrinterCE.NetCF SDK
Franson GpsTools
Go Solutions Wireless API
Hood Canal Mobility Data Protector
  PictureBox Plus
  Signature Capture
IBM DB2 Everyplace ADO.NET Adapter
  InTheHand ColorDialog
Kaisoft/Pocketkai (Kai Bruchmann) Today Battery Notify.Net
MakeLogic MicroGraphs
Mimer Information Technology Mimer Compact Data Provider
Mooseworks Software Communication Controls
  Encryption Controls
  Graph Control
  GUI Controls
  Instrumentation Controls
  Visual Interface Controls
mozzak.com MHCF Filepicker
mrgsoft InitializeComponent Optimizer
MW7 MegaPipe Serial Library
Odyssey Software CFCOM
OpenNETCF.org ApplicationEx (OpenNetCF sample)
  AudioVB (OpenNetCF Sample)
  HTMLViewerVB (OpenNetCF Sample)
  RegistryViewer (OpenNetCF Sample)
  RFTestVB (OpenNetCF sample)
  SerialCSharp (OpenNetCF sample)
  SerialVB (OpenNetCF sample)
  Smart Device Framework 1.2
  SmartListSampleSP (SP)
  ThreadEx (OpenNetCF sample)
Oracle 10g Lite ADO.NET Adapter
playseven.com P7 Controls
PocketPC Controls Bar Chart Control w/design time support
  Color Button Control w/design time support
  Color Picker Control w/design time support
  Compact Zip Component
  Data Navigator w/design time support
  Date Picker Control w/design support
  Numeric Text Box Control w/design support
  Time Box Control w/design time support
  Time Picker Control w/design time support
Quinn-Curtis QCRTGraph CF - Real-Time Graphics Tools
Resco AdvancedList.NET
  MobileForms Toolkit
Sapphire Solutions FTP
Software Fx Pocket Chart
Steema TeeChart.NET
Sybase iAnywhere .NET CF ADO.NET Adapter
The Rice Group Rice Mobile Controls
TMG Development LTD CryptoText
Xceed Zip
XrossOne Mobile GDI+

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