Dare to Dream Different Contest Winners!!

The final round of judging was completed last Friday evening.  As I have mentioned before, the number and quality of the entries has made the contest very enjoyable but has made the selection process very difficult.  The finalist and their projects are as follows:

 Professional Category

     James NG (US) - First Prize - a security device (watch) that replaces all your passwords, car keys, credit cards and more

     Deon Schaffer (US) - Second Prize - a device to control aroma therapy in the home both locally and remotely

     Slava Vassiliev (Russia) - Second Prize -  a set of health monitoring devices connected to HealthVault

     Gudmund Aasgaard (Norway) - Finalist - a device to remotely control large animals with dynamic fencing

      Bryan Fisher (US) - Finalist - a whole range of devices to automate the production of broilers (chickens)


Hobbyist Category

     Tomas Scherrer and Diego Pinto do Santos (Brazil) - First Prize - a musical syntheziser in a 3.5 in screen

     Terry Fogg (Australia) - Second Prize - a telescope hand controller complete with internal star charts

     Ellis Percival (UK) - Second Prize - a complete home automation system including remote monitoring and control

     Rainer Stropek (Austria) - Finalist - a demonstration system for conventions that uses RFID adn BizTalk to 'Find Mr X'.

     Alexander Inochkin ( Russia) - Finalist - a fully automated home watering system for your plants.

 I'd like to thanks everyone for their efforts in all three rounds of the contest.  It was extremely entertaining to see the projects but it was very difficult to judge them.  I hope you all enjoyed this as much as we did.  The videos will be posted out soon.