It’s been a while since the .NET Micro Framework team has provided an update about the project.  Well the team is here and has been busy gathering feedback from the community, thinking about future direction of the project and at the same time starting to work on some of the base functionality that is currently blocking many of you.  Right now the team is working on Visual Studio 2013 integration and we are expecting to have some bits for the community to try in the next few weeks. 

We are also looking at how we can make things easier from an OSS community engagement perspective.  We want to make sure .NET Micro Framework is an OSS project.  You might have seen temporary permission changes on our Codeplex site as an initial step towards that objective.

 Let’s not forget the netmf.com website. The site is due for some updates and we are exploring options at this point.

 We’re excited to be moving the gears again and in the coming weeks and months we will continue posting the work and progress the team is making.  So stay tuned for additional details.