Latest MSDN Article

Last summer I wrote a blog on StreamInsight and the great fit between that product and the kinds of data analytics challenges that the Internet of Things will generate – pulling information out of massive amounts of data that individually is of low value and only interesting for a short period.  Over the last few months I have been able to work with Torsten Grabs of the StreamInsight team and the culmination has been an article in the March edition of MSDN Magazine.  This article if worth a read even if you got the significance of this technology from the blog last summer.  Torsten goes into a great deal more detail of what StreamInsight is and how it works.  We also worked up a demo with lots of code samples that show how you could filter the data to make sure that you are responding only to interesting events, trigger actions off of those events, creating the UI experience, etc. 


Check it out.

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