Version 3.0 generating excitement and interest among the developer community

We officially launched Version 3.0 at ESC two weeks back. The launch has generated significant interest and excitement among both the embedded development community, as well as .NET developers and hobbyists.

Here's what Rob Enderle, president and principal analyst of the Enderle Group had to say about the new version:

“In today’s world, we are surrounded by small, embedded devices. This reality will undoubtedly grow at a substantial rate in the future, as device-makers are finding it easier than ever to bring new, compact devices to market quickly and efficiently with the .NET Micro Framework. As a truly embedded platform, the .NET Micro Framework provides a huge opportunity to make these devices even more powerful and intelligent. The new features of version 3.0 will help accelerate connectivity and increase the potential applications for smaller devices.”

PDC 2008 

The.NET Micro Framework is a platform that enables developers to more quickly develop embedded systems that are smart, securely connected and easier to manage. More information is available on the .NET Micro Framework Web site at