Version 4.2 QFE 2 released

Today we released a QFE for .NET Micro Framework version 4.2. This is both an SDK and Porting Kit release and can be found at The changeset for this release is at

The additions for this release include adding support for the WinUSB driver in replacement of the current USB driver that had been associated with some deployment problems. Analog Output has also been added based on a contribution from Oberon Microsystems – part of the Mountaineer group that makes .NET Gadgeteer mainboards. Finally, support for installing the latest versions of GCC (4.6.1) has been added.

There have also been a number of performance improvements and minor bug fixes which include:

  • File system
    • Improved FS performance and some minor bug fixes
    • Added continuation to flush the FS cache at a configurable time
  • Wear Leveling
    • Reworked the Driver to fix some issues around bad block replacement
    • improved diagnostics for wear leveling
  • MicroBooter
    • Changes to support unaligned ZI/RW sections
    • RW/RO sections are no longer required to be contiguous
    • Fixed SREC processor to support multiple BS devices and non-contiguous memory streams
    • Read buffer is now only 512K instead of a block size
  • Touch Screen
    • Improved the Gesture Driver
    • Fixed some minor issues with the touch driver
    • moved the touch event structures, enums, and delegates assembly (Microsoft.SPOT.Native)
  • Others
    • Thumb-2 assembly code updated and global lock implemented
    • SerialPort.DiscardBuffer fixed (flushes the correct buffer)
    • SerialPort.Read no longer blocking if data is available.
    • Faster loadign of large heaps
    • Support weak references with stubbed EWR
    • Better support of emulated floating point bounds checking
    • Better hex number formatting
    • AppDomain.GetAssembly implemented
    • Fixed issues with the stream reader (no longer waits forever to refill the buffer)
    • Better handling of the case where RTIP is not installed as PK add-on but used in the solution

Finally, there have been modifications to the tools and codebase setup as follows:

Porting Kit – enhanced support for managing setenv.cmd and the compiler environment.

File System – enhanced support for devices with Wear Leveling and some additional configuration

Wear Leveling – New member added (BaseAddress) and the emulator was changed to use the wear leveling driver for consistency

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