Network Monitor 3.4 has Released!

I’m proud to announce the release of Network Monitor 3.4 to the Microsoft Download center. We’ve included a bunch of new exciting features and updates. A new high performance capturing feature allows you to capture on faster networks without dropping frames. Parser profiles provide a simple way to increase filtering/parsing speed and allow you to switch quickly between various parser sets. And UI updates like Color Rules, Windows Layouts and Column Management give you flexibility to do cool customizations to help you work the way you want. Please visit our Beta announcement to get a rundown of the new features.

As always, you can get support on our Network Monitor forum. There the community and our team can help answer questions about the UI, NMCap, API, parsers and even assist with troubleshooting scenarios.

With 3.4 complete we are now setting our sights on a new version with some grand goals for ITPros and Developers meant to take protocol troubleshooting and development to the next level. And as always our parser development continues to evolve so visit our CodePlex parser site frequently to get the latest parsers as well as standard and color filter updates. In fact we’ve had some recent updates to the standard filters so the latest CodePlex parsers, build 2351, has some updates that are even newer than the 3.4 release. Stay tuned and enjoy Network Monitor 3.4!