Learn Azure with the Microsoft Virtual Academy

One question I am asked a lot is what online training is available for Microsoft Azure, especially considering the cadence at which we are adding new features, online training is definitely proving important for developers, IT pros and data scientists. The great news is that we have an online training academy where you can access hundreds of free training courses across the entire Microsoft stack, not just Azure. With that in mind below I have created a catalogue of courses relevant to a number of audiences, from developers to data scientists:

To complete any of the courses, it might be useful to start by signing up for a free trial here. The free trial gives you €150 of Azure credit to be used within 30 days. You will need to provide a credit card and phone number for identity verification but you will not be charged anything as we will disable the account if you go over €150. We also show you how much you are consuming and don't forget you can stop VMs to stop burning your credit.


IT Professionals

Data Scientists