Hyper-immersion and Character Weaknesses

Long, long time now posts.

Twitter captures my immediate thoughts; and time is captured by other pursuits.

The Netbooks at Australian TechEd pioneered the way for the PDC 2009 Acer handout. And quite frankly drained me completely. After being hyper-immersed in a project I find it somewhat difficult to find a new direction. I call this a character weakness.

The Microsoft world is revamping again: Windows 7, Office 2010 + ecosystem, Silverlight 4, Windows Azure + ecosystem. Contributing to open source projects such as MahTweets.

Open source related projects come to fruition; new buds appear and the season starts its cycle again.

Working at Microsoft as an open source/web evangelist is tough when you have ADHD. With so much change and new bits it sometimes becomes difficult to focus. To concentrate on what is important when all is important to someone, somewhere.

So, I welcome you back to my professional geek ramblings.

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