Pragmatic Internet Explorer 8 (RC1) Testing

IE8 about

Yay! Internet Explorer 8 gets closer to final release. A Release Candidate is what happens after a beta release. Microsoft thinks its ready for prime time, but until the rest of the world tests this under live fire, we are never 100% sure.

So, please install and test, test, test. We want to hear how IE8 works for you. The more web sites you test, the better.

As you are aware, Windows only permits the installation of one browser at a time. Installing IE8 will remove the IE7 or IE6 from your machine.

In the interim, how do you test your web sites? It may not be time to install a release candidate to all the PCs in your environment. But you still need to test.

Thankfully, there is a surprisingly magical and unexpected answer:

Microsoft has released a set of Virtual PC “VMs” which you can download, install and run. Free of charge. For testing.

So, please upgrade to IE8. And be safe in the knowledge you can still test against older browsers.