Beta available for Planning for Virtualization and Planning for Software-plus-Services- MOF Companion Guides

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The Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) team is extending the MOF 4.0 core content with a new series of MOF Companion Guides for the Plan Phase. We're pleased to announce the beta of the first two guides, Planning for Virtualization and Planning for Software-plus-Services. Visit the Connect site to join the beta.
These companion guides apply MOF to specific scenarios and challenges faced by IT professionals. The guides will walk you through the research and planning processes of implementing virtualization or software-plus-services strategies. They enable the reader to quickly determine which strategies are right for their business, which offerings make sense for their needs, how to select a service provider, and how to best prepare for implementation. Ultimately, the decision-making processes outlined in these guides will help move your business toward operating more efficiently.

Tell us what you think! Test drive our beta guides, and send us your honest feedback. What are your thoughts on the MOF Companion Guides for the Plan Phase? What other scenarios would you like to see us address? We appreciate the input and will work to make each guide as helpful and useful as possible.

Tell your peers about MOF 4.0! Please forward this to anyone who wants to learn more about Microsoft Operations Framework.

More information about MOF 4.0: Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0 delivers practical guidance for everyday IT practices and activities, helping IT professionals establish and implement reliable, cost-effective IT services. It integrates community-generated processes, governance, risk, and compliance activities, management reviews, and Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) best practices. MOF 4.0 is a framework that provides guidance across the IT service lifecycle.

Open Beta for MOF Companion Guides- Now Available for Download
Join the Beta
These are open beta downloads. See below for instructions on how to access the beta guides.
To join the MOF Beta, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the MOF Beta at
  2. Sign in using a valid Windows Live ID to continue to the Invitations page.
  3. Scroll down to Microsoft Operations Framework.

If you have not previously registered with Microsoft Connect, you might be required to register before continuing with the invitation process. If the link in step 1 does not work for you, copy the link and paste it into the Web browser address bar.

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