Important hotfix for Exchange Server 2007 (KB942027)

Hi All,


I wanted to make you all aware of a .NET CLR hotfix that has just been released which our development team is recommending be applied on all Exchange 2007 servers. It is more urgent to apply this on CAS servers with multiple protocols, but we are recommending that this be applied on all Exchange 2007 servers. This hotfix will be integrated into .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 (release date undetermined at this stage).

Symptoms of the issue the hotfix resolves on Exchange 2007 servers include:

· High memory consumption

· Excessive paging

· Application pool resets on CAS (Event IDs 1010, 1011, and 1013)

· OWA users may have to re-authenticate

The following KB article contains more information and a download link for the hotfix.

FIX: You may notice that the memory load is very high when you run an application that is built on the .NET Framework 2.0;EN-US;942027