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ADModify is written using Microsoft Visual C#® .NET 2003. Version 2.0 is improved to make the same modifications in less than half the time of the previous version. Its feature set allows administrators to bulk modify any Active Directory® directory service attribute from any Active Directory partition with almost limitless flexibility. Administrators are no longer restricted by the attributes hard coded into the tool, because ADModify contains the ability to modify any attribute using its name and value. ADModify is also no longer restricted to literal values. It is now possible to dynamically build values based on current Active Directory attributes.

All logging is done using XML, making it easy for administrators to manipulate and store the data and even take advantage of features such as Undo. Keeping with the Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003 initiative that everything that can be done in the GUI should be available through the command line, a command-line version of the tool that contains all of the same features is included.

This article is an introduction to the ADModify ( tool.

Feature Overview

Terminal Server Attributes

Mailbox Rights

Naming Attributes

Using Variables

Undo Feature

ADModify in a Command Line

Tips for Exchange Administrators

Setting Extension Attributes

Setting "Allow Inheritable Permissions to Propagate To This Object" Throughout the Exchange Organization

Saving proxyAddresses Before Removing Exchange Attributes

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