Latest MOF Reliability Guides—Now Available for Beta Review

Earlier this year we released the first components of the MOF Technology Library. We’re now pleased to announce the beta release of the most recent additions to the library—the newest MOF Reliability Workbooks.

Download the beta materials on Connect:

The beta package includes workbooks for Internet Information Services, Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager, Network Load Balancing, and Windows Server® 2008 DNS Server.

This series of workbooks provides the knowledge, specific tasks, and schedules needed to keep technologies running smoothly so you can deliver the services your organization expects. Each workbook includes maintenance and monitoring tasks, common risk areas, and standard changes for the ongoing care of specific technologies. The series also includes an administrator’s guide for customizing these technologies for your organization.

The MOF Reliability Workbooks present hands-on tasks that you can fine tune to meet the goals of your organization and the technologies you employ.

Take an early look at the latest Reliability Workbooks, and start getting the most from your organization’s technologies.

Tell us what you think! Preview these beta materials, and send your honest and constructive feedback to Is the presentation of these activities helpful? How accurate are these workbooks? Is there any additional information you’d like included? What other technologies would you like to see addressed? Does the administrator’s guide provide the information you need to customize Microsoft technologies for your organization? We appreciate your comments, and we’ll work to make each resource as helpful and useful as possible.

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More information about MOF 4.0: Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0 incorporates the core requirements of industry best practices and frameworks into one free, easy-to-understand set of guidance. MOF 4.0 delivers practical guidance for everyday IT practices and activities, helping IT professionals establish and implement reliable, cost-effective IT services. It integrates community-generated processes; governance, risk, and compliance activities; management reviews; and Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) best practices. MOF 4.0 is a framework that provides guidance across the service management lifecycle.

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