Microsoft Learning Manager

Hi All,

There’s a large amount of eLearning available on our website which you may not be aware of. These are a great resource of training and documentation that enable customers to come up to speed with a wide variety of technologies. Please see the information below for more information:

Learning Resource Types

Learning Plans (141)

Learning Snacks (14)

Assessments (11)

Classroom Training (612)

E-Learning (1047)

Books (458)

Exams (222)

Certifications (34)

Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Office (430)

Microsoft Windows (274)

Microsoft Windows Server Technologies (905)

Microsoft Visual Studio (529)

Microsoft Dynamics and Related Business Products (544)

Other Microsoft Technologies (83)

Microsoft Certifications (908)

Windows Mobile (22)

Microsoft Expression Studio (11)

Microsoft System Center (21)

Microsoft Silverlight (11)


Administration (967)

Architecture (199)

Mobility (13)

Networking (54)

Security (313)

Database (244)

Programming (528)

Software Design (213)

Reference (51)

Home and Entertainment (15)

Business Skills (35)

Organizational Benefits

SA Training Voucher Courses (247)

Volume Licensing E-Learning Courses (1)