Microsoft Toolshed

The Microsoft Toolshed is our commitment to helping people get their hands on the right tools for the job. We’re right into innovating and improving our products too, so our focus is squarely on lending a hand to those who toil into the night on their own projects.

We’re helping students, start-up businesses, workers, not-for-profit organisations and charities get things up and running by offering a wide range of Microsoft products for little or no cost.

If you’re a student, DreamSpark can help you hone your technical design, technology, maths, science and engineering skills, so assessment time won’t come along and put a spanner in the works. BizSpark is a software grant designed to accelerate the success of new businesses by fast-tracking access to Microsoft solutions. And Microsoft has also helped lighten the load for many New Zealand not-for-profit and charity organisations by donating over $2 million of software in the past year to those who need it.

So if you need some Microsoft tools – get in touch today and we’ll sort you out with a few bits and pieces from The Microsoft Toolshed -