MOF Management Reviews—Now Available for Beta Download and Review

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Thank you for your continued participation in the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) beta review program. The MOF team is pleased to announce its first beta release of 2010—a series of MOF Management Reviews. The beta package will include the first three management reviews in the series: Operational Health, Portfolio, and Release Readiness.

Download the beta materials on Microsoft Connect:

The MOF Management Reviews will help organizations ensure that their IT services are on track to deliver expected business value. The first releases in this series—Portfolio, Release Readiness, and Operational Health—offer guidance to help management set goals, evaluate progress, and confirm results.

These extensions of MOF core content function as management controls, providing a deeper level of insight to the reviews already identified throughout the IT service lifecycle. Since the lifecycle phases have distinct objectives, each management review involves different stakeholders, decisions, and data. Each document identifies scope, decisions, and focus areas, and includes considerations for planning and preparation, conducting a review, and analyzing and acting upon the review, as well as a summary checklist. Using the MOF Management Reviews will help you to effectively assess the state of organizational activities and their status and will result in improved processes and goal achievement.

Take an early look at the MOF Management Reviews, and use this opportunity to provide feedback and influence the development of this series. Download the beta materials on Microsoft Connect:

Tell us what you think! Please send constructive and honest feedback to the MOF team at Are the management reviews useful? Are you satisfied with the level of detail of each review? Are there other considerations you’d like us to address or areas you’d like us to expand upon?

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More information about MOF 4.0: Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0 incorporates the core requirements of industry best practices and frameworks into one free, easy-to-understand set of guidance. MOF 4.0 delivers practical guidance for everyday IT practices and activities, helping IT professionals establish and implement reliable, cost-effective IT services. It integrates community-generated processes; governance, risk, and compliance activities; management reviews; and Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) best practices. MOF 4.0 is a framework that provides guidance across the IT service lifecycle.

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