My Server is hung - what do I do?

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Debugging a dump from a hung server may not be something you do every day so you may want to engage with one of our debug experts, however with this information as your guide you may find that you can narrow down a problem and save yourself a call.

My Server is hung - what do I do?

If you need additional background on debugging, this article can get you started.

Basics of Debugging Windows

· Collect a kernel dump:

· Set up the debugger:

· Know how to use the symbol server:

Here are some additional resources that you may find useful including links to the tools, book recommendations:


· Microsoft Debugging Tools

· ADPlus – An automated way to use the cdb.exe to capture/create a usermode dump when a process hangs or crashes. (more info - or kb286350)

· Public Symbols for Microsoft Operating Systems:

· Microsoft Public Symbol server : srv * DownstreamStore *

· example: srv*c:\mysyms*

· Microsoft Symbol packages

· Use !Analyze-v to gather additional information about the bugcheck and a bucket-id for your dump file. The bucket-id can be submitted to Microsoft for review for similar crashes and resolutions. Try using the Microsoft Online Crash Analysis to submit your crash dump bucket-id for possible follow up from Microsoft or for Microsoft to look for trends:

· For concepts, tools and information about the system architecture:

· Windows Internal 4th edition (by Mark E. Russinovich & David A. Solomon) the whole book or Chapter 14 - Crash Dump Analysis

· Advanced Windows Debugging (by Mario Hewardt & Daniel Pravat)

· How to Access the User Mode Debugger from the Kernel Debugger

· How can I find out why the Cluster Resource Monitor dumped – Access Violation

· 1394 Kernel Debugging Tips and Tricks [WinHEC 2004; 373 KB]clip_image001

· Debugging Windows Vistaclip_image001[1]