New Microsoft Operational Framework Implementation Guide—Now Available for Beta Review

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The MOF team is extending the MOF 4.0 core content with the release of additional guides, action plans, and supporting content. We’re pleased to announce the Beta release of the latest guide, Getting Started with MOF 4.0: An Implementation Guide .

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The Getting Started with MOF 4.0 guide is the first step to a more efficient MOF implementation. The guide provides role- and situation-specific guidance, focused on helping users understand where to apply MOF and how to get the most from its recommendations.

This new extension of the MOF core content speaks to three targeted audiences—the CIO/IT director, IT managers, and individual contributors. Tailoring the content to specific roles clarifies responsibilities and leads to improved service delivery in your organization. The guide includes a list of prioritized action items that address both proactive and reactive issues. Ultimately, this guide serves as the primary resource for implementing MOF within your organization.

Tell us what you think! Test-drive our Beta guide and send your feedback to What are your thoughts on the guide? What other scenarios would you like us to address? We appreciate the input and will work to make each guide as helpful and useful as possible.

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More information about MOF 4.0: Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0 incorporates the core requirements of industry best practices and frameworks into one free, easy-to-understand set of guidance. MOF 4.0 delivers practical guidance for everyday IT practices and activities, helping IT professionals establish and implement reliable, cost-effective IT services. It integrates community-generated processes; governance, risk, and compliance activities; management reviews; and Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) best practices. MOF 4.0 is a framework that provides guidance across the IT service lifecycle.

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