Operations Manager 2007 RTMs

SystemCenter Operations Manager 2007 has RTM’ed, the actual announcement and web update will be made at the Microsoft Management Summit in San Diego Tuesday. The external address that should be used as the primary marketing source from this point on should be changed to http://www.microsoft.com/systemcenter/opsmgr/ .

System Center Operations Manager 2007 is the end-to-end service management solution that is the best choice for Windows because it works seamlessly with Microsoft software and applications helping you increase efficiency while enabling greater control of your IT environment.

System Center Operations Manager 2007 is part of the System Center family of management solutions from Microsoft. It is the third generation of Microsoft’s event and performance monitoring tool and is the follow-up to the very successful Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005. More than 10,000 customers are using MOM 2005 to manage their critical IT infrastructure. MOM 2005 established a strong partner base and is a proven platform for building custom monitoring solutions for not only Microsoft systems but all systems in today’s enterprise IT environment.

System Center Operations Manager 2007 provides end-to-end service management for Microsoft Windows, helping you increase efficiency and achieve greater control over your IT environment. By making it easy to customize and extend your IT monitoring, Operations Manager 2007 enables you to have improved service levels across your IT environment. Additionally, because it offers Windows expertise from the Microsoft server, client, and application teams, Operations Manager 2007 provides you with the knowledge and capabilities you need to drive greater efficiency. Operations Manager 2007 helps ensure control over who manages the different parts of your system through a secure role-based architecture that is scalable across your organization. Through the automation of routine tasks and intelligent reporting in a customizable environment, Operations Manager 2007 helps ensure you have the time and insight to engage in more strategic initiatives.

As part of end-to-end service monitoring Operations Manager 2007 improves on user perspective monitoring (synthetic transactions).By incorporating the end-user perspective into end-to-end monitoring a more accurate service health is obtained. Now IT administrators can receive alerts about client oriented service problems before the user calls the help desk.

End-to-end Service Management is not restricted to Microsoft-based environments. Support for WS-Management, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and partner solutions allow for non-Microsoft systems and hardware to be included in service monitoring within Operations Manager 2007.

Operations Manager 2007 introduces model-based management. By defining the IT environment as models, Operations Manager 2007 can better understand the relationships between the distributed applications and components that make up your IT services. These models, defined in the System Definition Model (SDM) that is the foundation for the industry standard services modeling language (SML), allow for more granular discovery of service components and the ability to monitor not just the servers but the whole end-to-end service as a unique object.

The 180 day evaluation version (RTM) is now available via our download site and word is spreading fast.