Project Hana Beta 2 (MOFv4) now available!

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The goal of MOF is to provide guidance to IT organizations to help them create, operate, and support mission-critical IT services while ensuring that the investment in IT delivers expected business value at an acceptable level of risk.

MOF’s purpose is to create an environment where business and IT can work together toward operational maturity, using a proactive model that defines processes and standard procedures that result in efficiency and effectiveness. MOF promotes a logical approach to decision-making and communication and to the planning, deployment, and support of IT services.

MOF Components

MOF includes the following components:

The IT service life cycle, which includes the life-cycle phases, service management functions (SMFs), and checkpoint reviews (CRs)

The Team Model


Solution Accelerators

Examples, templates, and other supporting materials

The IT Service Life Cycle

The IT service life cycle describes the life of an IT service, from planning and optimizing the IT service to align with the business strategy, through the design and delivery of the IT service, to its ongoing operation and support. Underlying all of this is a foundation of IT governance, risk management, compliance, and change management.

The life cycle is composed of four phases, each of which represents a specific aspect of the life of an IT service. Figure 1 illustrates the IT service life cycle.

Figure 1. IT service life cycle

The Life-Cycle Phases

The IT service life cycle is composed of three ongoing phases and one integration phase that operate throughout all of the other phases. The life cycle phases are:

Plan and Optimize

Design and Deliver

Operate and Support

Manage and Adapt

Beta 2 Information

Beta 2 of Project Hana (MOFv4) is now available on Connect. We invite you to take a look at the latest additions to this significant restructuring of MOF—then let us know what you think.

This beta includes the following documents:

· Reviewer’s Guide

· Governance, Risk, and Compliance SMF

· Policy Management SMF

· Envision SMF

· Project Plan SMF

· Build SMF

· Stabilize SMF

· Deploy SMF

These items join the documents released in our December 2007 beta:

· Mapping Spreadsheet (earlier versions of MOF to version 4.0)

· MOF Overview

· Manage and Adapt Integration Layer Overview

· Plan and Optimize Phase Overview

· Design and Deliver Phase Overview

· Operate and Support Phase Overview

· Reliability Management SMF

· Service Monitoring and Control SMF

· Operations Management SMF

Before you dig into the content, please take a look at the Reviewer’s Guide, which lists some of the specific feedback we’re seeking. We’ve intentionally presented content in different ways in certain SMFs, and we’d like to focus your attention to guide our final choices.

To join the Beta, please visit our Connect site. Submit your feedback to