Securing the Client Infrastructure

Hi All,

We have put together a variety of training resources to assist you in securing your Client Infrastructure.  The Learning Paths provide a range of Microsoft training references and resources on security threats and appropriate countermeasures. The learning resources are organized by level (from basic to expert) and provide information on the following phases of security implementation:

·         Planning

·         Prevention

·         Detection

·         Response

Please feel free to leverage this content to learn how to help keep your security environment operational and effective even during a disaster. Additionally, use the resources in this learning path to help you lock down your infrastructure and harden security to prevent PC and desktop disruption.  The Learning Paths offer the following content:

Content Type



Guides include written instructions or commentary such as white papers, resource kits, multi-chapter guides (online or download), and articles.


Webcasts are 60-to-90-minute live broadcasts featuring interactive technical presentations, product demonstrations, and question-and-answer sessions presented by an expert on Microsoft technology, the industry, or both. All content is recorded and made available on demand.

Online Seminar

An online seminar is a compilation of resources from a live event, and can include Powerpoint presentations, video demonstrations, online and downloadable white papers, tools, and other resources.

Virtual Lab and Hands-On Lab

Virtual and Hands-On Labs allow users to test Microsoft software and servers in a sandbox environment.


Tools are downloadable applications or software that can help users accomplish specific tasks.