Update for my Smartfone 3 - Yay!

There's been the odd 'wierd' thing happen with my Smartfone 3, there is now an update for the OS, details below:

The main improvements from the original Operating System,, are:

The Tao Group Java Client is now included

With the wired headset, you can now reject an incoming call by pressing and holding the “answer” button for 2 seconds

With the wired headset, you can now answer a call that is waiting whilst you are in another call by tapping the “answer” button

Polyphonic MIDI ringtones are now supported


The Gaming API (GAPI) problem of flickering games when played in Full Screen has been fixed

The Gaming API (GAPI) problem of screen freeze has been fixed.

The voice and data call handling software has been updated to improve stability

The camera auto-exposure has been corrected so that the picture will not “white-out” in bright conditions

T9 improvements for Activesync email, Internet Explorer and the symbol table

T9 Portuguese included by default in the operating system

Improved cursor control and multikey press

There are improvements in menu translations for Italian, Turkish, French and Portuguese users

USSD services have been upgraded

Click here to download the Operating System - You will need to register if you're not already a member.