Windows 7 Deployment Webcast - June 15, 2010 and Online Content

Please find below details of an upcoming IT Professional webcast on Windows 7 deployment, and helpful published articles around Windows 7 deployment topics. Also, towards the bottom of thi, you will find productivity guides and helpful information for end-user training.

Webcast – June 15th, 2010 (2am 16th June AEST)

· Deploying Microsoft Windows 7
IT Pro Webcast, June 15 at 9 a.m. Pacific ( Register here )
Technical Case Study

Learn about Microsoft IT's experience in deploying Microsoft Windows 7, including details about installation scenarios, deployment and support metrics, feature benefits based on Microsoft IT's experience, and also shares recommendations for a successful deployment.

Published content and media

· Building Windows 7 Installation Images for Multiple Audiences

· DirectAccess is Key to Microsoft IT Remote Access Strategy

· Protecting Removable Storage Devices at Microsoft

· Implementing Windows Internet Explorer 8 at Microsoft

· Managing Network Access Protection at Microsoft

· Maturing Deployment Methodology Yields Streamlined Windows 7 Deployment

· Microsoft CIO Tony Scott Talks About Critical Trends Within IT In 2010

· Microsoft IT Leads User Centric Change for Business Impact with Windows 7

· Reducing Bandwidth Utilization with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 BranchCache

· Securing Customer and Partner Data with Windows Vista BitLocker

· Streamlined PC Procurement Improves Productivity While Controlling Costs

· TechNet Webcast: How Microsoft Does IT: Deploying Windows 7 Using System Center Configuration Manager 2007 and OSD

· Using DirectAccess to Provide Secure Access to Corporate Resources from Anywhere

· Validating the Windows XP to Windows 7 installation experience

· Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 R2 for a Better End User Experience for Managing Distribution, Data and Remote Scenarios

· Windows 7 End User Experience Reduces Support Costs

· Windows 7 Enhances Intellimirror, Microsoft's End User Backup Solution

Work Smart Productivity Guides for End-users
All Work Smart content by Microsoft IT

· Windows 7 New Features

· Transfer Files and Settings Get Started from Windows XP to Windows 7

Create an Enterprise Learning Framework

· Framework details – A resource to provide employees with short and focused training on Windows 7

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