Windows 7 Developer Guide

Hi All,

The features and technologies of the Windows 7 operating system enable customers to build the next generation of Software Applications.  Windows 7 allows developers to build applications on a solid foundation, enable richer application experiences, and integrate the best of Windows and web services.  The Windows 7 Developer Guide provides:

·         Descriptions of OS features

·         Vivid screen shots from the pre-Beta version of Windows 7

·         Management and Deployment

·         Security

·         Performance

·         Documents and Document Peripherals

·         Accessibility and Global Support

·         Intuitive User Experience

·         Desktop Experience

·         Devices

Some folks have written asking about the beta and how to sign up or download it. The best source for information on that will be the site, which our product marketing team owns and will keep up to date as the beta information is available.