Windows Server 2008 Training ‘snacks’

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Do you want to learn more about Windows Server 2008, but are short on time? Learning Snacks are short, interactive presentations about popular Windows Server 2008 topics and have been created by Microsoft Learning experts.

Introducing Branch Office Server in Windows Server 2008

This free Snack describes the benefits that Windows Server 2008 provides for installing and maintaining a branch office network. It demonstrates the installation of a branch office network by using the new server core option. It also lists the benefits of Active Directory read-only domain controllers (RODCs) and BitLocker Drive Encryption.

Implementing Active Directory Domain Services in Windows Server 2008

This free Snack describes the new options available in Windows Server 2008 for installing and configuring Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) and auditing changes to it. It lists the features of read-only domain controllers (RODCs) and describes how to perform a nonauthoritative or an authoritative restore of AD DS data.

How Do I Demo Videos

10 Cool Things to do with the Powershell
This demo shows some of the neat things you can do with PowerShell with regards to server administration. There are 10 demos you can run through ranging from simple queries for services to enumerating information in Active Directory. Some of the scripts use lists of computers, some prompt for a computername. Each script shows a different thing you can do with PowerShell to quickly create administration scripts.

Server Core Remote Management
This demonstration highlights the benefits of Server Core, with its low overhead, and highlights how it is easy to manage Server Core with the new management tools and technologies included in Windows Server 2008.

Securing Branch Office User Accounts
In this demo you will see several ways that user accounts in a branch office can be secured. Branch offices traditional are a place of high risk for domain controllers. Placing domain controllers in branch offices good for functionality and productivity, but bad for security. This demo shows how you can place a domain controller in a branch office, and take measures to make those branch office accounts more secure. The demo uses a combination of BitLocker, RODC, Fine Grained Password Polices using a tool from Special Operations Software, and Admin Role Seperation to achieve this goal.

Virtual Labs

TechNet Virtual Lab: Managing Active Directory – Directory Services 

After completing this lab, you will be better able to use the new features in Active Directory.

This lab has a laundry list of new features in Active Directory.  It is intended to demonstrate some of the ways that Active Directory management and operations have been improved in Windows Server 2008.  It addresses all scenario’s that Active Directory is used in, including management, security, and remote infrastructure.

TechNet Virtual Lab: 10 Cool Powershell Scripts 

After completing this lab, you will be better able to quickly create administration scripts with Windows Server 2008.


This webcast will provide an overview of the changes in Distributed File System (DFS), Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), and storage management in Windows Server 2008. It also takes a close look at some of the most significant and valuable improvements to Windows Server 2008, including Transactional NTFS, Self-Healing NTFS, and the Server Message Block (SMB) 2.0 protocol.

Upcoming IT Manager Webcast: Deep Dive into Windows Server 2008 File Services (Level 300)