Zermatt Beta Launched and available

“Zermatt” is a .NET developer framework and SDK that helps developers build claims-aware applications to address today’s application security requirements using a simplified model that is open and extensible, can improve security, and boosts productivity for developers.  Developers can build externalized authentication capabilities for “relying party” applications and build custom “identity providers”, often referred to as Security Token Services (STS).  With these components, developers can build applications that meet a variety of business needs more quickly.  Businesses will benefit via faster time to launching new business initiatives and more fluid collaboration with external parties.  Simultaneously, businesses can enjoy improved ability to meet compliance, security and user productivity mandates.

Application Access Challenges Today                                                                          

Today’s application access paradigm is increasingly costly and difficult to manage for developers and their customers.  Developers must choose between numerous identity technologies for different application scenarios (e.g., X.509, Kerberos, LDAP).  Custom identity logic is required to be built into each application for many scenarios, and custom integration is required for deployment.  This results in numerous application silos that are inflexible, costly and difficult to evolve.

Identity Metasystem and Claims Offer a Solution

To help solve these problems, the industry-wide vision for an Identity Metasystem was created and is gaining traction.  Key to this vision is the externalization of authentication from applications and enabling user access based on claims.  To implement claims-based access in applications, developers need a single access model enabling applications to work securely in any scenario, open protocol support for interoperability with heterogeneous environments, and integrated tools that reduce time and expertise required to build security logic.

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