New Telstra Mobile Plan – for your customers

This is one of the latest (and first) tangible deliverables from the Telstra-Microsoft alliance, but with much more coming in the next few weeks and months !

Here is the customer-facing announcement:

“Better manage your mobility costs with Telstra.

If you're looking to extend mobile access to your employees while leveraging your existing investment in Microsoft Exchange 2003 (or higher), the Microsoft Mobile Enterprise Solution from Telstra brings it all together. Suitable for businesses with compatible Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphones, it features a choice of two plans both with a predictable, fixed monthly fee - making it easier to budget.

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Now you have the opportunity to provide value to your Exchange-based customers, by introducing them to this offer, and create a business opportunity for yourselves by a potential roll out of Windows Mobile (thus opening up the pipeline for custom business applications built and delivered by partners) on the Telstra network.