Are you Microsoft Platform Ready?

If you’re not yet familiar with the Microsoft Platform Ready (MPR) program; MPR provides free technical, marketing, and certification support for companies and individuals that are developing software applications on the Windows Platform. Whether you’re building simple add-ons, rich client applications, complex client and server solutions or planning for the future with cloud services, Microsoft Platform Ready is set out to help you bring your application to the market faster.

Why should you join MPR?


Get exclusive access to top-rated MSDN training resources, pre-release access to development kits, beta and RC software, and no-charge technical email support.



Test your application’s compatibility with the no-cost Microsoft Software Certification Toolkit: a collection of official Microsoft software testing tools. You can now test your applications against common compatibility issues, get remediation advice, and receive product logos upon success.



Market your applications with customized marketing toolkits and exhibit your solutions in Microsoft Marketing engines, such as PinPoint and product catalogues for Windows Server and Windows 7. Additionally, completed software tests qualify for Silver and Gold Microsoft ISV Partnership, providing you access to additional software licenses and marketing benefits.

So you’re convinced of the value of the MPR program, how long does it take to do a compatibility test for my application?

Check out these videos on how to use the MPR Testing Tool and you’ll see that it takes less than 15 minutes to get through the entire process! Why not consider running these compatibility tests regularly and make them part of your software development lifecycle?

Why not try it for yourself and WIN an MPR goodie bag?

If you register and test your application for Windows Azure before May 15th you get the MPR goodie bag.

· Microsoft Platform Ready T-shirt

· Azure Hat

· USB stick

In addition, if you perform the SQL Server compatibility test before May 15th, you get the goodie bag AND enter the sweepstake to win the grand prize: Xbox 360 + Kinect

Send us an email with your shipping details when you have submitted your successful test results.