SP2013 - Reasons to do a full crawl

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A quickie to clarify one piece of documentation around Full Crawl.

I came across a customer today claiming that after any software update or service pack install they were planning a full crawl against all their content sources. This is obviously very cumbersome as you would imagine.

Their claim was made by reading our documentation about "Reasons to do a full crawl" https://technet.microsoft.com/nl-nl/library/4356bad9-de1d-4e81-b049-17248b4a86c1#Plan_full_crawl

One of the listed reason states the following

A software update or service pack was installed on servers in the farm. See the instructions for the software update or service pack for more information.

The statement attempt to say that upon installation of an update or service pack, you are required to read careful the corresponding instructions to verify if a Full Crawl is required or not.

So in a nutshell, after update installation, Full Crawl aren't required unless stated otherwise. I hope this clarifies a bit the matter.


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