SP2013 - Removing the "Nothing here matches your search" for good.

Hi Search Enthusiasts

Today I had to customize my SP2013 Search Center to remove the beloved following message


This message is specially annoying when having multiple Search Results potentially pulling results from multiple sources. Some might hit some not.

As I was already playing around with Templates, I just created a new Control Search Results template.

The default SRWP template is set to "Default Result" aka Control_SearchResults.html.

1. Go to the Master Pages -> Display Templates -> Search

2. Download a copy of the Control_SearchResults.html

3. Locate the line containing the text "shouldShowNoResultMessage"

4. Remove the script code in between the two following markers

 5. Save your new Control Search Result template

6. Upload it

7. In your Search Center, Edit your SRWP properties

8. Select your new Result Control Display Template



Off you go, no more "Nothing here matches your search" message.

Needless to say that instead of removing that annoying message completely you might want to customize and brand it to your needs.