Apply for two of the BEST JOBS IN NEW ZEALAND!

More than 8 years ago, before the iPhone, before Twitter, before Facebook, before digital cameras were mainstream, I was the dev lead at Intergen in Auckland. I was a BizTalk guy and I was starting to think about the next step in my career. Would I go deeper with the tools or would I move into team leadership and project management? I did neither, I became an evangelist!

I remember reading a blog post from Sean McBreen selling the role of a Developer Evangelist

IMO - It’s an awesome role, you get to work with Microsoft’s most cutting edge developer products (Whidbey, Burton, Yukon, Avalon, Indigo, Longhorn) and be the person who brings these to the local audience. You also will be working to develop the local community by presenting to our customers and partners though Microsoft and community related events.

I started asking myself questions: Was I technical enough? Could I start in front of an audience and speak naturally? Where would this journey lead me?

Eight years on I’m proud to be leading one of the strongest technology teams in New Zealand and I’m happy to be hiring a Developer Evangelist specialising in Windows apps. Ryan Tarak has been doing a fantastic job working in this role for a number of years and he has recently moved into a Partner Business Evangelist role within my team opening the door for a deep technical applicant that has experience building apps for Windows and Windows Phone.

The role is listed at if you wish to apply or know of someone that would be perfect for the job. Don’t worry if you are Wellington based, I’ll consider applicants in Wellington and I am updating the job ad to show this as well.

You may see that experience in game development is a plus, this is due to the app nature of the world that we now live in and the strength of NZ’s game development community. As a result many of the top global apps that are built in NZ happen to be games built in C++ or modern frameworks like unity so experience with these will certainly be a plus.

In addition to this role we are also actively recruiting a Solution Specialist for Developer Tools this role is particularly interesting as it is a sales role that expects technical expertise in Visual Studio, ALM and modern software development. If you are a senior architect or dev lead that is looking to switch path into solution/ product selling this could be the job for you.

Good luck, putting your best foot forward, you won’t regret it!