Four Full Days with Windows 8 – Kevin Isom’s Story

WP_001979Having been on the road for a week participating in Windows 8 camps up and down the country it is often easy to get so caught up in the doing that you don’t take the time to reflect on the impact. For me the impact was really hit home by following Kevin Isom’s journey of discovery with Windows 8.

Kevin is a self confessed JavaScript Geek and I find it fascinating to follow his journey as he dips his toes into Windows 8.

I was very impressed with how helpful Kevin was sharing his knowledge during the hackathon weekend and was exceptionally impressed with the game that he wrote from scratch over the weekend (it had my vote).

Hopefully Kevin will inspire other JavaScript geeks to take a look at Windows 8. 

Twitter is often the best place to get instant and direct feedback below is a bunch of tweet’s that Kevin made as he jumped into Windows 8, read them in sequence as they tell quite a story.

22nd March – Day 1 – Sessions All Day

23rd March – Day 2 Labs

24th March – Day 3 Hackathon

25th March – Day 4 Hackathon

26th March – Post Event

Win8 092_stitch

Kevin also blogged about his weekend with Windows 8

Check out the video of Kevin’s game from the Hackathon Weekend presentations.

I hope that the next chapter in this story is to see Kevin’s game finished and in the store.

Check out the other photos from the week