TechEd is upon us... let me tell you the place's to be!

 Hi there... guess why I've been so "dark" for the last couple of weeks?

All the fun begins with Student Day TOMORROW!

Betsy is here and preparing and the final of the AUT robotics competition is all ready to go... we have podcasts on the go.

Adam is touring the deep south at the same time as the rugby!

Ari Bixhorn's keynote machine has arrived from corp safe and sound.

Michael Leworthy's has come to the party after I gave him a bit of an arm twist at MGB. He has organised a very limited run of Introduction to Visual Studio Team Systems books... 700 copies of book have arrived to give away at the back of the VSTS sessions at TechEd. Did I mention that you can't get this book anywhere else in the world even if you're willing to pay?

I have done the final proof of the mini guide for TechEd... the latest schedule is here my fingers are crossed that this will be the final one!

Chris is organising a run for anyone that is in town Saturday.

So this only leaves us with one burning question... Where is the best place to be at TechEd?

The MSDN Connection/ DNUG Lounge (Epsom Room 1) of course! Especially during the lunch breaks!

1.00pm-2.00pm Monday 29th August
1.20pm-2.20pm Tuesday 30th August
1.20pm-2.20pm Wednesday 31st August

I have negotiated with Red Bull to set up in the lounge and for their "assistants" to distribute refreshments during the lunch breaks.


Did I also mention that there are networked XBOX's in the lounge? We may be even "previewing" some new games.

Look out for me at TechEd/ Student Day...

I'll be the guy that is "everywhere" at once!



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