Webstock 2012

Webstock has once again exceeded my expectations in regards to awesomeness and depth of thought. This year it really did feel like I was as a TED conference in long form rather than a technology conference but that is exactly the injection of passion and inspiration that I have been thriving.


Kathy Sierra opened the event with her own unique take on the Minimum Viable Product – the Minimum Badass User

Which is a better indicator and a better predictor of success?

A) The product is Awesome
B) The company is Awesome
C) The service is Awesome
Hidden Answer: D) I’m Awesome

Help your users be better! Once you have experience, experience is a poor prediction of performance.

Bad Ass = Being Really Good At It

As a creator you must ask “How can I help them be more Bad Ass?”

You are changing the resolution from the real world.


Day Two opened with Jared Spool’s talk “The Anatomy of a Design Decision” this was a personal highlight for me.

It introduced a framework on how we can think about the design decisions that we face when we build applications.




I have enjoyed getting to know Scott Hanselman a bit more over the last few days and I think he did a great job adjusting his style to suit the broader New Zealand web audience.




I was also inspired by Raffi Krikorian from twitter who talked about the scale of their website.

His simple message "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it". Raffi showed the “heartbeat for twitter”. It inspired me to connect with Matt van Deventer and create the heartbeat for Trade Me (New Zealand's largest website).


Thank you Wellington, weather-wise you also pulled out all the stops!


Check out the official photos from Webstock…


The quality of the speakers and content at Webstock 2012 continued to surprise and delight check out the shared notes from the conference to dive deeper.

Congratulations everyone for once again taking Webstock to new heights.