2006 - The Next Commerce Server Version on it's way!

The official word is out (great to be able to share what we will be working like crazy on, for the next > 12 months) - Commerce Server will be coming out with the V.Next release in 2006.

Some big things to keep in mind, that will be added / supported for the 2006 release are Whidbey (.Net Fx 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 development platform), only ASP.Net based development, great integration with BizTalk enabling lots of internal and partner application integration scenarios, fast and nice-to-look at winform apps for management of data, a web-services based achitecture for all sub-systems, 64-bit support and lots of help and support in automating deployment and management of sites including staging of data from test tiers to production). Please let us know what you think of these features and if you are super-excited to get a further glimpse of the 2006 release.  Ping us to know more about becoming an early adopter for the next release.