Aadi Ashok Kaul

Don't know if I've ever been this proud of anything so much - feel like screaming at the top of a mountain and letting the world know - I AM A DAD!


Wow! Feels great and feels like life will never be the same again (and am sure it won't as many have told me)!


Here are the official stats for my son Aadi Ashok Kaul:

Name:    Aadi Ashok Kaul

Date:      Feb 2, 2006

Time:      7:44 PM

Place:     Overlake Hospital Bellevue

Weight:   7 Lbs 8 Ounces

Height:    20.5 inches

You can read Aadi's Hello World message (including the meaning of "Aadi") and see some of his birth snaps here.


Welcome to the world Aadi!