CS 2007: StarterSite CTP and assorted links

The StarterSite CTP is now available for download. This should help and get everyone started on a solid ground with developing a Commerce Server site.

Max Akbar has begun blogging with a vengeance and it is awesome to see the large number (and high quality) posts that he has been busy churning out. Kudos Max! Way too much stuff up on his blog to link to exhaustively - suffice it to say that you just have to subscribe to his blog. Some of the ones that caught my eye were:

Everything about pipelines

Commerce Server and Windows Sharepoint Services

He also has a very useful GotDotNet workspace which now has additional new tools and resources for Commerce Server 2007. If you have a tool that you would like to share with the Commerce Server community I would recommend putting it up here.

Which makes me wonder if it is high time (now that we have a few active bloggers in Commerce) to actually start a team blog instead of the multiple individual blogs that make it harder for customers to get specific content? Josh goes over some of the pros and cons of having a team blog and my vote currently would be for us starting a team blog. What do you think?

Vinayak has blogged about a Catalog import issue on Windows XP (Dev Edition of CS 2007) and the private hotfix you can apply to fix this issue - which makes me wish that we were attaching the hotfixes (when public) as downloads with the KB articles so that we don't make our customers do through this.