Grads Getting Good Guidance

Joel offers some great tips to Computer Science students (or really anyone in college who is a geek and likes software and programming) who will soon be graduating - very practical advice. In addition, it would be great to see fresh graduates trying to incorporate testing into their goals as well. I took a look at one of my undergraduate projects (Static Analyzer for C++) and was amazed by how little testing we did on it. Maybe if graduates spend more time on testing and automating some of the tests for their projects, they will also develop an appreciation for the challenges and rewards that testing holds. Well - guess it's never too later too start. Would love to hear from anyone who actually used some automated testing for a college project of theirs?

Take a look at the internship options at Microsoft - definitely one of the most pampered and exhilarating internships (can vouch since I have been one myself) - and don't forget to ask for a test position if you think it might be your cup of tea!