Tabbed windows and more

I never thought I would find a feature so useful, but I am addicted to it. I just cleaned up my system and I found I missed the tabbed windows of CrazyBrowzer the most. Now why doesn’t IE add that to its list of features? (Mental note – Add that as a suggestion to Scoble’s blog entry asking about IE feedback).

Though here is something quite cheap of CrazyBrowser – if you go to its home page in IE, it launches a pop-up window for PowerIE – some paid tool which seems like a superset of CB. I hate it when a company resorts to these gimmicks.

Apart from the tabbed windows, which I think are really useful (a colleague who is probably equally addicted, compared working in IE to working in Visual Studio without the tabbed windows. Probably a difference in the degree, but I think there are similarities) another great feature in CB is of coupling all related pages together as a group – no such feature in IE.
Also CB adds over IE features – for e.g. when you look at your IE favorites through CB, at the top of each category is a “Open All Links” option which makes so much sense since most of the times, if you have a category of favorites you would like to look all of them up together (News, Books, Shopping sites, Science etc.).