(This Title has only got blanks and tabs and spaces...)

I knew someone would stand up one day for the rights of those poor old whitespaces. Such a pleasure to see that someone has taken the time and effort to come up with the first whitepace-friendly programming language, aptly named, "Whitespace" (please ignore the fact that this was done in 2003 and that I just recently discovered). It includes samples, a tutorial and also the well-commented source code for a program that counts from 1 to 10. In case you are wondering what is special about this esoteric programming language, it is the fact that the interpreter ignores any non-whitespace characters. The world is full of diversity – isn’t it!? J

P.S. - The title is inspired by the Elton John's the song with no title.

P.P.S - You have to check out the MSDN Windows Vista Developer Center - it redefines the meaning of the word "cool".