Windows Vista and Office 2007 – Two Thumbs Up

So now that we RTMed Commerce Server 2007 (and the docs are online on MSDN as well), I finally got a chance to dogfood the cool new Windows Vista Beta 2 and Office 2007 Beta 2, and have been very impressed. The changes in both these flagship products are big and bold and on the whole a BIG net positive. A good posting on how big and bold these changes are (particularly the office 2007 ones) can be read here in this post by Anil Dash. Highly recommended to test drive these Betas.


Among other things also came across this jazzy site which gives an overview of the various features in Windows Vista. Also have finally gotten a chance to catch up a bit on the rapidly changing world of Atlas and Ajax via posts from Scott and more the main Atlas site. Very exciting to see all the changes happening. A site that I found totally cool and which really brought home the impact of these new technologies is


Also discovered a very interesting blog by Phillip Su which contains gems such as the Broken Windows Theory, his views on outsourcing and his rant on the state of software systems used by non-profit organizations.