Deep Zoom: Creating Working Application in Less than 5 Minutes Using the New Deep Zoom Composer

This post shows how to:

· Create working deep zoom application in less than 5 minutes*

· Upload a Silverlight 2 application to Silverlight Streaming – free hosting currently in Beta

· A good starting point if you want to create a set of image and share with your family or friends.

* including the time to download and install the Deep Zoom Composer (typically)

Deep Zoom Sample

Use mouse to move/zoom around.



Also see for a sample that rock & rolls.

Creating the Sample Above

Step 1: Install Deep Zoom Composer


Step 2: Click New Project

Step 3: Click Add Image and add your images

Step 4: Click compose and arrange your collection



Step 5: Click Export, name your project (e.g. DeepZoomFirstTry) and Export

Step 6: Click “view in browser”


You’re done!

Hosting on Silverlight Streaming

Step 1: Apply for account on Direct link:


Step 2: Prepare your application for upload

· Find the ClientBin folder where Deep Zoom composer output the working application

The ClientBin should contain a .xap file and GeneratedFiles folder

· Create manifest.xml that looks like the one below and place it in the ClientBin folder










                Remember to replace the name of the .xap file in the manifest with your .xap file’s name.


Step 3: Zip the contents of ClientBin and upload them to Silverlight Streaming

Step 4: Embed your application somewhere

Copy the iframe html into your page/blog suggested from the Silverlight streaming web site after uploading the application. It looks something like this:

<IFRAME style="WIDTH: 720px; HEIGHT: 540px" src="" frameBorder=0 scrolling=no mce_src=""></IFRAME>